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Innotribe at Sibos: Banks for a Better World

14 Sep

Sustainability, ethics, community, social financing instruments.  A journey of exploration where some of our top customers will discuss whether there is collaborative space around this topic.  We will discuss what Banks for a better World means-   is it about a fund, it is about creation of new financial instruments, is it about new values?  It will definitely be about discussing the social finance eco- system with its very diverse players, associations, financial instruments, etc.  Come and join us to give your opinion about what it should be.

Have a look at the first workshop on this subject we did in Paris at the Ashoka Changemaker’s week.

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Innotribe at Sibos: the emergence of new corporate cultures

14 Sep

Why should you attend?  If you are interested in the evolution of organisational structure (hierarchical, distributed, networked),   if you feel that change is around the corner for all of us in relation to leadership qualities and to the behaviours that prevent us from being change agents, then this session is a must.

Evolution and motion is part of the intrinsic fabric of the universe and a condition for survival.  Our society is still based on very old models (such as Taylorism) and we all start feeling that some of them really need to change. Join our group of experts for a highly interactive session where we will not only talk about structure, leadership and human behaviour.  We will actually experience the theory and have time for inner reflection and personal commitments.

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Innotribe@Sibos Toronto 2011- the what and the how

6 Sep

Helloooo Innotribe!

Here is a preview video of the upcoming Innotribe@Sibos. Mela and Kosta explain the what and the how.

Hope to see you there!

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