Innotribe@Sibos Osaka 29 Oct – 1 Nov 2012

28 Jul

Now in its fourth year, Innotribe@Sibos, the initiative’s flagship event, runs throughout Sibos week and offers a comprehensive programme exploring a range of topics crucial to the financial industry. Innotribe@Sibos in Osaka will once again bring together a powerful combination of world experts to participate in an exciting mix of keynote sessions, case studies, and interactive discussions.

Some aspects of Innotribe@Sibos will be familiar to those who have attended before, such as the Innotribe Labs and the magic they create. But we will also explore new formats and new topics, and experiment with new facilitation techniques, such as game-storming and open space discussions. Building on our history of creating compelling line-ups of speakers, Innotribe will bring together a set of our most exciting innovators yet.

Innotribe will take the main stage at Sibos 

with an awesome Innotribe opening session.

In the last four years, we have made roads into the main Sibos conference: in 2009 we were located 15 minutes away from the main conference area; this year we are at the heart of the event. The Innotribe space will be the first thing you see when entering the event, and this year we have secured three main conference sessions. The Innotribe Space will be located in our own tent, in the middle of the conference patio. It just looks gorgeous!

Who should attend?

Innotribe@Sibos is open to all who come to Osaka. It brings together strategists, business and technology leaders, trend-setters and trend-watchers, and thinkers interested in taking action and shaping the future. In short, anyone keen to find out how the world is changing and what that means for our industry.

Why attend?

Join us to discover new business and technology trends; share and discuss ground-breaking ideas for co-investment; and challenge each other to build theoretical concepts into tangible prototypes in professionally facilitated workshops.


Innotribe Opening: The Tribe on the Tatami – Plenary Room

In 2011, this session was standing room only. In 2012, Innotribe will take to the main plenary stage for the first time, giving a sparkling overview of the 2012 Innotribe program. Through inspiring keynotes, spiced up with some novel interactive formats and techniques, the 2012 Innotribe@Sibos topics will be introduced, followed by an amazing performance with one of the leading judo practitioners. This will be a session not to be missed.

Already confirmed:

  • Sean Park, Founder, Anthemis
  • Mark Pesce, Founder, FutureStreet
  • William Saito, Founder & CEO, InTecur, K.K.
  • Kosta Peric, Head of Innovation, SWIFT
  • Christopher Siers, Director, Financial Services Network
  • Aiko Sato, Women’s World Champion Judo (-57kg)

BREAKING NEWS: Very proud to confirm Aiko Sato (Current 57kg Women’s World Champion Judo) for #innotribe opening #sibos > Aiko will do live demonstration of Innovation Themes through Judo Movements.

Innotribe Health Index: Accelerating positive re-balancing – Innotribe Space

The Innotribe Health Index is a brand new Innotribe initiative. Through six different lenses (Reputation and Sentiment, Relationship, Big Shift Readiness, Technology Readiness, Urbanization and Inequality, and Agility), we will try to give an alternative ‘health check’ of the financial system. The intention is that the Index is an annual checkpoint based on New Economies and New Values thinking, aimed at accelerating a positive re-balancing.

Already confirmed:

  • Wouter De Ploey, Director in Business Technology Office, McKinsey & Company
  • John Hagel, Co-chairman, Deloitte Centre of the Edge
  • Michael Jones, VP of Technology, Dachis Group
  • William Saito, Founder & CEO, InTecur, K.K.
  • Michell Zappa, Founder, Envisioning Technlogy
  • Julius Akinyemi, MIT Media Lab and Wealth Of Nations

Ignite Talks – Innotribe Space

Ignite Talks is a new Innotribe format of  with 4-5 short 15 minutes power talks by innovators from the financial industry. We will share some of the presentations we have seen in 2012 that really wowed the Innotribe team. There will be three sessions spread over the event.

Already confirmed:

  • Antonio Benjamin, Global Chief Technology Officer & Managing Director , Citi
  • Shamir Karkal, Founder and CTO, Simple
  • Jesper J. Koll, JPMC
  • Nils Boesen, Director Knowledge, Innovation and Capacity, United Nations Development Programme

Future of Money – Conference Room-2

This session will look at financial innovation in detail. What’s happening on the fringe of traditional finance, with new alternative currencies and peer-to-peer payments? How are the innovative ideas of last year evolving and how quickly are they becoming mainstream? What can we expect to see next from some of the leading big financial innovators? Expect discussion on these themes and more.

Already confirmed:

  • Udayan Goyal, Founder, Anthemis
  • Chris Skinner, Balatro Ltd
  • Eli Gothill, Research Technologist, We Are Social
  • Ben Milne, CEO and Co-Founder, Dwolla
  • Mike Laven, CEO, The Currency Cloud
  • Yoni Assia, Founder and CEO,
  • Vipul Shah, MD, Product Strategy Executive T&SS, J.P.Morgan Chase
  • Paul Wilmore , Managing Director, Barclays US

SWIFT Applications Platform – Innotribe Space

The SWIFT Applications Platform is a strategic initiative, currently in the ‘incubation’ phase that aims at delivering cloud-based financial services and applications in a simple and secure way. Key objectives include providing a harmonised framework in terms of security (authentication and authorisation) and APIs usage, along with a simple, integrated customer experience. The platform will be built around three main pillars:

  • A secure business portal and application store that will allow users to find and purchase financial applications and services. Offering a harmonised user experience as one place to subscribe, register, access and manage applications and services
  • An Identity and Access Management component as a single and uniform security layer to access the portal, business applications and services, by providing authentication (e.g. single sign-on), authorisation, registration and non-repudiation.
  • An Application Programmable Interface (API) engine to offer a standardised way to use or consume applications and services. In addition, this will enable customers and third-party developers to create new or to enrich existing applications and services.

Hyper-Economics – Innotribe Space

This session will focus on the major cultural tectonic shifts that are underpinning and driving the hyper-connected economy and are the understream of deep organizational changes. We are witnessing the birth of new economies based on hyper-connected organizations, exposure of core competence through APIs, horizontal sourcing versus vertical integration,  Peer-To-Peer (P2P) sharing of dataOpen Source developments, and activated humans that act from their true selves and lead into a new practice for value creation

Already confirmed:

  • Corina Mihalache, Director Business Analysis, Allevo
  • Mark Pesce, Founder, FutureStreet
  • Michel Bauwens, Founder , P2P Foundation

The Future of Organizations – Innotribe Space

We live in a hyper-connected world. The speed of change is increasing exponentially. Information has become abundant, versus scarce in the past, and change is happening in real-time. It affects the way we think; some claim it affects our brain to be able to deal with these profound changes we need to rethink the body and soul of our organizations.

What does this mean for our organizations? What is the impact on organizational structure, hierarchies, team-forming and disbanding? What sort of skill and mindset will our next generation of knowledge workers require? What does it mean to let people take real personal leadership, and create viral change from within? The future of Organisation is a brand new Innotribe session, building upon the success of last year’s Corporate Culture session.

Already confirmed:

  • Guibert Englebienne, CTO,
  • Jennifer Sertl, Founder and Author, Agility 3R
  • M.J. Petroni, Principal,
  • Mark Dowds, Investor,
  • Dave Gray, SVP Strategy, Dachis Group (via video)

Next Bank Asia: Banking meets Design – Innotribe Space

Next Bank Asia was one of the best financial services events the Innotribe team attended in 2012. The mix of fringe players, entrepreneurs with new business models, designers, and anthropologists resulted in a raving 2 day event tuned for Asia. A guest slot for Next Bank Asia will be held in the Innotribe Space, where bankers meet designers in 4-5 short talks.

Already confirmed:

  • Rob Findlay, CEO, Next Bank Asia and curator for this session
  • Arvind Singh, Founder/CEO, Aleph Labs
  • Toby Johnston, Partner/Creative Director, Shift Partners
  • Tim Kobe, Founder, EightInc

The Future of Big and Small Data – Innotribe Space

In this brand new Innotribe session, we will take you on a fantastic rollercoaster journey on the future of data. We’ll start where we ended last year on Big Data, and will dive into Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Wars of Algorithms. It’s not only about Big Data, but also about the massive amount of small data generated by sensors and self-tracking devices. We will question how we can do real-time analysis on this ever-growing and ever-faster moving data stream.

Already confirmed:

  • Sean Gourley, CTO, Quid
  • Amir Halfon, CTO for Financial Services , MarkLogic
  • Anant Jhingran, VP, Data, Apigee
  • Alexander D. Wissner-Gross, Institute Fellow, Harvard University Institute
  • Daniel Erasmus, Owner, The Digital Thinking Network and CEO NewsConsole
  • Andrew Keen, Author, TechcrunchTV

Digital Asset Grid – Conference Room-3

Artwork by Kosta Peric

The Digital Asset Grid is one of the most forward-looking of Innotribe’s incubation projects. In this session, we will present the results of the prototype, including a business story, a compelling video, real applications and a prototype back-end infrastructure. We will bring about an in-depth conversation with some of the world’s leaders on privacy and digital footprint, followed by an interactive discussion with the audience too.

Already confirmed:

  • Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-Shift
  • Andrew Keen, Author, TechcrunchTV
  • Matthias Kroener, CEO, Fidor Bank
  • Alan Mitchell, Strategist, Ctrl-Shift
  • Drummond Reed, Founder,
  • Phil Windley, Founder and CTO, Kynetx
  • Mark Dowds, Investor,
  • Julius Akinyemi, MIT Media Lab and Wealth Of Nations

The Future of Doing Good (Banks for a Better World) – Innotribe Space

Is “Doing Good” more than Corporate Social Responsibility? Is “Doing Good” good for Business?

This Innotribe session will look at new ethical, sustainable and social responsible products, services and practices and how they represent great opportunities both for our industry and society. The focus will be on “Banks for a Better World”, our latest Innotribe initiative focusing on 3 mains streams: financial inclusion, collaborative social engagement and interconnecting infrastructure(s) between the mainstream financial industry and the alternative banking industry and its beneficiaries, such as social entrepreneurs and unbanked. This session will also include the Social Finance Innovation Challenge in association with Ashoka.

Already confirmed:

  • Julius O. Akinyemi, Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Kartik Kaushik, Managing Director, Global Head of Business Development, Citi
  • Carolyn Stephens, Professor (PhD, FFPH, IFRSM) , Universidad Nacional de Tucuman/UCL
  • Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Chairman, Yunus Centre

Innotribe Startup Challenge 2012 – Grand Finale – Innotribe Space

The Innotribe Startup Challenge 2012 introduces the world’s most promising FinTech and financial services start-ups to the global community of financial institutions, venture capitalists, angels and influencers actively investing in innovation.

Sibos will host the Grande Finale of the 2012 Challenge following regional showcases in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. From a total of more than 500 candidates, the 15 very best start-ups of 2012 will compete in front of a live audience and professional judge panel for a cash price of 50,000 USD.

Innotribe publication by Informilo

Informilo is the official media partner of Innotribe, is publishing an independent 16 to 20 page print report at Sibos entitled:

“The Networked Economy:

How Technology

Will Radically Transform Banks

and the Future of Money”

The glossy print publication is being overseen by Jennifer L. Schenker, a journalist with 30 years experience who has worked full-time, at various points in her career, for the Wall Street Journal Europe, Time Magazine, International Herald Tribune, Red Herring and BusinessWeek.

The magazine will use first-rate independent journalists who have worked at some of the world’s most prominent newspapers and magazines.  The publication will put business and technological developments in context, explaining how everything from mobile money to cloud computing will forever change the world of banking.

The outline of the publication is as follows:

  • Digital Asset Grid: How banks might play a key role on securing and disseminating personal data
  • Future of Money
  • Hypereconomics and P2P: how the evolution of data is changing business
  • API’s: opening the way for new services
  • Top-25: the hottest start-ups in the financial space
  • Mobile money, commerce and transfer
  • Banks for a better world

A range of opportunities are available for sponsors wishing to effectively reach and influence potential clients in this targeted publication. Contact


Innotribe at Sibos 2012 will rock! Make sure to bring your energy pills!

Innotribe is about being infected

by irresistible contagious enthusiasm

of open-minded, curious

and passionate people

You can follow the progress of our program as speaker announcements continue between now and October on the Sibos website. Many more speakers and inspirational thought leaders will get confirmed in the coming weeks. Follow our daily tweets at or regularly check-out the Sibos website where we have grouped all sessions that are related to Innotribe at Sibos:

We look forward

to seeing you in Osaka!

By @petervan from the Innotribe team

Cross-Posted on Petervan’s Personal Blog

Twitter: @innotribe and @petervan


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