MyStandards sailed away from the NYC harbor. Godspeed.

15 May

We had a great launch event of MyStandards yesterday in SWIFT’s NYC office. Lots of people turned up (I think about 80) from pilots, press, user group, banks and some brokers. The event was very Innotribe, put together by Chantal Vanes and Diane Mazzitelli. The basic pitch was MyStandards = the first product out of the Innotribe incubator. Heather (@heathervescent) even found back the castle and sandbox props for my intro speech!! 🙂

Juliette Kennel, Head of Standards at SWIFT, attributed the success very strongly to Innotribe’s support. Marc Delbaere, “the guy with the idea”, the mastermind behind MyStandards, was beaming.

VIdeos from Innotribe productions (Dominik De Buyser @ddebuyser and Kevin Johnson) were shown and very appreciated. I saw many surprised eyes (checked afterwards – positively surprised!! 🙂 ). The igniter and moderator was Luis Solis (@viralchanger) from Imaginatik. Excellent speaker, entertaining and engaging. We even had an announce from the ECB that they were purchasing a license to publish the T2S market practices.

Here is a visual summary of the panel.

I loved this quote by Siegfried Vonderau, Deutsche Bundesbank, one of the pilots: “I have my music, contacts and pictures on my iPad. Now I have MyStandards”.

The 3Ps of innovation (patience, perseverance, passion) paid off. MyStandards sailed away from the NYC harbour. Godspeed.


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