Innotribe Asia: Hyper-connecting the captains of industry

4 Mar

Innotribe, the innovation initiative of SWIFT, will be launching its innovation lab for Asian corporates at the forthcoming Asian Banker Summit to be held in Bangkok from 26-27 April, 2012.

(Drawing by Kosta Peric on iPAD)

The lab is designed for executives and managing directors of Asian companies,  to collectively think through their business strategies and organization in a hyper-connected world.  The lab will bring these companies, your clients, together with you to design new strategies and business models for a new generation of customers.

The two day highly interactive workshop will cover the following topics:

  1. The hyper-connected corporation – understanding the soul of a business tuned for the hyper-connected new generation of customers and employees.
  2. “Hyper economics” – following the money in a hyper-connected value chain
  3. “Organizational hyper vitality” – preparing corporate culture for challenges that a hyper-connected world will bring
  4. Idea generation within your own organization
  5. APIs and how they can open up the core competencies of your business
  6. Friction points in the value chain
  7. Digital identity and digital assets
  8. Presentation of ideas
  9. The future of collaboration – figuring out how the value chain of your business will evolve

The programme promises to be highly interactive with great speakers, innovators, motivators, all contributing to provide a thrilling learning experience that will help you understand the instincts required to get the future of your organization right.

Innotribe events are like no conference you’ve ever attended before. No dull presentations, no strict presenters – instead we guide participants through a process of broadening their outlook, thinking differently and emerging with tangible ideas that they can apply to the future success of their business.

Innotribe –a hyper-collaborative learning lab

The best way to learn how to deal with a hyper-connected world is to learn in a hyper-collaborative community.

Traditional conferences and training courses tend to offer a fairly one-dimensional view of the challenge at hand. Innotribe is an interactive learning experience in which you will be doing a lot of the thinking for yourself. Our facilitators, motivators and ‘thought instigators’ will push you to consider tough questions and look at things from multiple perspectives. One thing is for sure, you’ll emerge from Innotribe having engaged with your fellow participants, acquired a better understanding of your organisation’s decision-making process and generated new ideas you can apply as soon as you return to the office.

Creativity is a journey. Our agenda has been designed based on a flight metaphor: we will simulate a flight to encourage participants to understand and engage in the process of thought development and idea generation.

Just before take-off, the pilot will inform the passengers of what will happen during the flight: the planned route, the weather conditions, the expected turbulences, and that we are in for a bumpy ride. The weather conditions will be influenced by turbulences: digitizationAPI’sthe age of the machines, redefinition of value. There will be a steep take-off, take some time to enjoy and get inspired by the flight, with a pleasant approach and soft landing in foggy weather conditions.

We want to land with one strong idea to take away after the lab: an idea that is ambitious but achievable in the short to medium term.

Our list of instigators includes following thought leaders:

  • Mark Pesce,Founder FutureStreet –  Hypereconomics
  • Guibert Englebienne, CTO – Organizational Fitness
  • Jennifer Sertl, Founder Agility3R and Author –Resilience, Responsiveness, Reflection
  • Laura Merling – Senior VP Platform & Strategy, Applications Enablement, Alcatel Lucent – “Rise of the Planet of the APIs”
  • Eiji Hagiwara, Mitzui Corporation – Corporate view
  • Dr Matt McDougall, Founder and CEO, SinoTech Group Bejing – Magic by Numbers: using algorithms & analytics to create Insight and Innovation
  • Dan Marovitz, Buzzumi – hyper-collaboration
  • Speakers from SWIFT include Kosta Peric, Matteo Rizzi, Luc Meurant and yours truly

The 2 days will culminate with the 2 winners of the Innotribe APAC Start-Up competition, that will be held earlier that week on 24 April 2012 in Singapore. This competition is part of our worldwide Innotribe Start-Up competition that started a couple of weeks ago in New-York.

It is still not to late to put forward your candidatures for the Asian start-up competition here. You have to apply before 21 March 2012.

The Asian Banker is managing this event as part of The Asian Banker Summit. All registration should be done directly with them, either through The Asian Banker or our websites or the event website  directly.

by @petervan of the Innotribe Team (cross-posted on my Personal Blog)


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