Innotribe@Sibos 2011 – The Future of Money session

22 Nov

We tried summarizing this one, but it is so rich and powerful that we’re reproducing it entirely here. It is about 95 minutes long, so here are some time segments to facilitate your viewing –

0:00:00 to 0:07:15 – Intro by Uday Goyal (Founder, Anthemis Group)
0:07:15 to 0:12:19 – Fly me to the moon video by Heather Shlegel aka Heathervescent (CEO of Purple Tornado and member of the SWIFT Innovation team) – results on her research on future of money and identity. The video is also available here
0:12:20 to 0:23:31 – Venessa Miemis (Emergent by Design) – Future of Facebook video and talk (see also link to the video here)
0:20:3:32 to 0:32:50 – Stan Stalnaker (Founding Director Hub Culture) – Hub Culture and the Ven digital currency
0:23:51 to 0:38:50 – Donald Norman (Co-founder, Bitcoin Consultancy)  – Bitcoin digital currency
0:38:50 to 0:45:20 – Q&A with Heather, Venessa, Stan and Donald
0:45:21 to 1:09:11 – Brett King (Founder, Movenbank) and Shamir Karkal (CFO, Simple) – Banking 2.0
1:09:12 to 1:18:29 – Darell McMullin (Managing Director, Paypal Canada) – Paypal
1:18:30 to 1:23:39 – Antonio (Yobe) Benjamin (Global CTO, Citi) – the view from the established banks
1:23:39 to end – Q&A Yobe and Darell

Here is the video:


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