“Essence of Innotribe” presentation

16 Nov


I’ve just finished my opening keynote at the Finance Tech Forum in Hong-Kong, and wanted to share my presentation.

Before I do that though, I thought it requires a little bit of introduction.

The subject of the keynote Was “Technology shifts and innovation opportunities in financial services”. I’ve been thinking about it for quite some months now, and gradually what emerged is a very wide picture and summary of the technology topics of Innotribe@Sibos 2010 in Amsterdam and 2011 in Toronto.

Plus, to put everything in perspective, I used the “New Normal” concept of Peter Hinssen, and elaborated on it.

So – by this token I also wanted to thank all the numerous contributors and speakers to these events. I hope you will recognize your hand in this.

All comments very welcome.

So, after this short intro, here is the link to my Prezi presentation.



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