Innotribe@Sibos 2011 – Start-up competition summary

18 Oct

This year, for the first time, Innotribe organized its first start-up competition at Sibos.

The objective was really to reduce the gap between early stage financial industry related start-ups and our largest customers.
At the same time we would identify ideas that are suitable for the Innotribe Incubator.

Not everything went perfect, but it was great!
In less than 6 weeks, thanks to the great effort of Mike Sigal (a seasoned start-up man who helped us to put the initiative together) we had 200 applicants for the 100 K USD prize (divided between the 2 winners) and some 89 start-ups eligible for the contest.

When I said it was not perfect, reason is that we have a couple of arguable glitches whether or not a couple of the start-ups  (strangely enough, the two winners) were really “early stage” or not. However, looking at them from the banking point of view, they were small enough to be considered as such.

The best 10 were scored by a number of experienced mentors from the financial start-up eco-system, and some 27 senior bankers at Sibos judged “live” a 5 min pitch on stage.

The winners are GuardTime and TRUAXIS, and you can find all the 10 pitches below.

Stay tuned, for more competitions foreseen in 2012.

Here are the videos of the pitches:

1. Cellfony

2. ChangeIt

3. Duo Security

4. FaceCash

5. GuardTime

6. miiCard

7. SynerScope

8. TransferWise

9. TruAxis

10. Wave Accounting


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