Innotribe@Sibos 2011 – quick first report

25 Sep

Incredible week at Innotribe@Sibos.

Ideas emerged for new services (among others, the SWIFT digital asset grid – see here for a good overview), we connected with an incredible number of incredible people, we ran many excellent and packed sessions, we were the platform for several major worldwide announcements (not the least being @brettking’s launch of Movenbank and @afbenjamin’s – global CTO Citi GTS- announcements of a public API to Citi’s payments systems), we ran our first startup competition.

There’ s a staggering amount of things to report on – we’ll get to work when the team regroups after some well deserved time-offs, holidays and chill-outs 🙂

For now, have a look at this selection of early resources:

1. Search “#innotribe” on Twitter to look at the river of 5,000+ tweets generated at the event …. staggering….

2. Blog reports recap from @chris_skinner, the guy who blogs faster than his shadow 😉 – link

3. Innotribe@Sibos opening “voice of the tribe” (#emotion)- link

4. our first tribal summary video by Muche @muchedewin (feels good!)- link

5. @Heathervescent’s “Fly me to the Moon” video (world premiere at Innotribe@SIBOS!)- link

6. @Venessamiemis’ “Future of Facebook video” (from the Future of Money session) – link



One Response to “Innotribe@Sibos 2011 – quick first report”

  1. sorin guiman 25/09/2011 at 14:19 #

    Innotribe is a great initiative and its enthusiastic spirit should be preserved; we are addicts to it.

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