22 Sep

Ring! Ring!

That must be the alarm. Gosh! I really shouldn’t have had that glass of wine last night. I don’t feel like getting out of bed at all. Keep that in mind folks  – Ontario dry Rieslings are fantastic but you may have problem getting up. But nothing that a cup of strong English Tea can’t fix. Out of bed and into the tram in 30 minutes.

«New Economy»

The Innotribe space looks like a little ladies luncheon today. Little tables with fresh flower vases on them on plaid tablecloths. This is going to be interesting. The first speaker, Greg Rader is really young! UCLA ’05 makes him just 2 years older than I am. Maybe, I should get a blog. He makes really interesting observations about how the traditionally separated transaction, political, attention and relationship economies are now interacting and exchanging. Those of us who try to seek work-life balance need to aim higher: Work-Life Integration. That is a buzzword that actually resonates with me. For a while, I have been trying to convince people that cats can have nine lives but we can have only one. With image recognition, it is very easy for someone with the intent to correlate the two to do so.

Jerry Michalski claims that every Zipcar replaces 15 car-sales! I am trying to remember why I have a car and a Zipcar membership.

Dan Robles said that anything with a definable quantity and quality is an asset – and all of these assets are tradable. But there are intangibles without which a business just can’t be run. Those are also, unfortunately, untradeable.

Prof. Searls (who, by the way, has the coolest moonwalk I have seen performed by a person of his generation) talked about how the language of customer interactions with businesses – customer capture, customer retention etc. sounds like businesses are still treating their customers like pets, slaves and livestock.

Hugh MacLeod’s cartoons are cracking me up. He has been cartooning throughout the Innotribe sessions. Now, only if the Innotribe crew smiled a little… Actually, they do a pretty stressful job. Maybe, that is asking too much.


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