From the Innotribe Space: Mon 19 Sep 2011

20 Sep

What a day ! So full of energy, emotion and inspiration. Don’t know where to start.

Why not start withe the Innotribe Opening session ?

Opening Session:

As mentioned yesterday, we significantly re-engineered this opening session, based on our experience during the dry-run on Sunday evening.

While the audience was walking-in, we has some nice “spacy” music, with female electronic vocals which gave some sort of mystic ambiance, holding the participants in a deep tension for what was going to come.

Then the lights went down, and from the dark a drummer started playing a tribe-rythm. Slowly African music was faded in, and the Innotribe team – hidden in dark 4 corners of the room – started proclaiming the words of our Power of the Tribe manifesto. A strong emotional start of the session.

Kosta came on, and briefly introduced Lazaro, who gave a 5 min speech about innovation. We were completely taken by surprise when he said “Innotribe is the strongest brand that SWIFT launched in the last 30 years”. Wow! This sentence still shivers down my spine. He repeated same during the Welcome Plenary, and even added: “Innotribe is our secret weapon”. I’d wish that next year we let go the secrecy, and go fully visible mainstream. We can be proud: and there is no reason for false modesty. Let the communication and delivery machine roar at 150% next year !

The next section was scripted as a theatre play. James Gardner, managing director of Spigit was our narrator. This section was a wonderful back and forward conversation between James and our other 3 keynote speakers: Dan Robles from Social Flights, Brett King – this time introduced as Author and Founder of Movenbank, and Heather Schlegel, CEO of Purple Tornado. For those who don’t know, Heather recently joined the Innotribe Team.

There were great interactions with Chris Skinner, the Stanford Students and the Corporate Rebels from Alcatel Lucent.

In this section we could enjoy two worldwide announcements:

  • Brett announced exclusively the launch of his 100% online bank Movenbank, and the opening of the alpha site on 1 Oct 2011 and the use of the CRED – a sort of virtual credibility currency to facilitate on-boarding and lending for candidate customers with strong social media influence or credibility. This is big stuff.
  • Dan announced a worldwide partnership with Expedia

The session was wrapped up with a gorgeous video production by Mela about what to expect for the rest of the week at Sibos.

When people walked out of the room, the Innotribe Team held Innotribe flags, escorting the guests up to the Innotribe Space where most of this week’s sessions will be held.

The session was well covered in the press, and Chris Skinner did a blog post about it 10 min after the end of it.

The announcement was also immediately covered by Finextra within the hour:

Social Data and Collaboration – Keynotes

From 12:30 – 14:00 we had the social data session, annimated by our master MC Matteo Rizzi. All talks were excellent and delivered by professional speakers.

What really worked very well was the technique of instigators, sound-boarders, and professional challengers. Chris Skinner and the Stanford Students did not spare the speakers, and almost naturally session participants jumped in with additional questions and observations. In my opinion, a new standard set for audience participation.

Social Data and Collaboration – Deep Dive

The social data lab was very well attended, close to 100 people or so. The group was first split over 3 workshops: reputation and influence, compliance and regulation, and data (for recruitment as an example). They first got inspired by 3×3 matter experts/igniters. In the following part, teams were re-mixed into 6 subteams and received working assignments. A great technique to mix and match the audience, and to create serendipity in the group. At the end the teams had to present their outcome to the group at large.

Also Social Data was well covered by Chris Skinner in his subsequent blog:

I agree with Chris when he asked for the relevance of all this for bankers, the “normal” audience for Sibos. It is clearly a point of attention for next sessions at Innotribe. However, off-the-record, one notable speaker told me in confidence that the bankers just don’t get it, and risk to be hopelessly be by-passed by the events. A sign of the times is the fact that today Google formally launched Google Wallet and that no single banker tweeted about this or mentioned it in the conversations.

Hugh MacLeod (twitter @gapingvoid) – who is our celebrity artist from Miami – summarized it quite well: the bankers are in search for a language, a lexicon to express themselved about social media and data.


All participants in Innotribe sessions received 5 Reputones, our virtual conference currency. People can express their gratitude and appreciation for somebody else by giving reputones for the quality of networking, opinion, and knowledge. I got several for knowledge and networking and i found receiving very gratifying and motivating. Also giving appreciation is an intrinsic motivator. It’s a deeply human feeling and warm emotion. It really creates a special bond with the person you give to. Maybe we should discuss this wednesday during our session on New Economies, where we will also talk about the Gift Economy.

You can find out more about the #reputone via or via or via

Twitter stream

We had a HUGE response on twitter. At the certain moment the twitter current was so strong that i just could not follow in retweeting. Also the social analytics tool showed an overwhelming presence of Innotribe tweets in the Sibos twitter community. I was told that #innotribe even started trending in cyberspace.

I was particularly charmed by the tweets coming from the Opening Plenary with Peter Sondergaard from Gardner Research, which was apparently so-and-so: one tweeter was publicly showing his/her frustration by saying how he/she was longing for the #innotribe space and atmosphere.

A special place called “home”

Our space is really special. It is so welcoming, that folks like to hang around, make some introductions, relax in the beanbags, grab a bite and a drink. It’s welcoming like a home. That’s exactly how we intended it. Happy to see that it works

Again a special word of thanks to our design and facilitation crew. And to the folks of Jack Morton who delivered today a flawless performance. Yes, also in innovation FNAO is part of our events execution culture

Tomorrow is a very rich day again, with sessions and deep dives on Digital Identity and on Big Data. Like for all Innotribe sessions, we have built in some unique ingredients and performance elements. It’s really hard for me not to reveal the secrets of these sessions, but i really can’t. I signed an NDA with the rest of the Innotribe Team 😉

Looking forward to another exciting Innotribe day!

Peter (@petervan) from the Innotribe Team.

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