From the Innotribe Space: Sun 18 Sep 2011

19 Sep

It is almost 5am on Monday morning now, and I still need to do my daily blog from Innotribe Space. It’s because it was a long day yesterday and it was about 11pm last night when we called it a day 😉 So, I decided to get a good (short) sleep first, and do this with a fresh mind in the silence of the Toronto morning.

Start of the day

The day started yesterday with the daily brief at 7:30am. All activities and to-do’s of the day are kept on a big central whiteboard, tasks are distributed amongst the crew, and status is updated as tasks get completed. And we have 3-4 check-points with the full team throughout the day. It’s super efficient and all crew members are committed like pigs in an (breakfast) omelette.

Room set-up

One of the first big tasks on the list was to go through the room set-up per session. As we make our lives easy (sic), we decided upfront that the room set-up should be different for every session. As everything is video taped, we had to physically set-up every environment so that the video crew can test the lightning and camera focus for specific things that will happen during the sessions.

We also did a dry-run of all the “stings”, walk-ins, and walk-outs: these are music jingles. As mentioned yesterday, different for every session. Quite an undertaking, but the folks from Jack Morton have the right professionals and equipment to program all this. Louise, Alex and team: a BIG thank you: you guys are so good!

Dry-Run Deep Dives

After/during that we looked in detail at the different designs of the interactive deep dive sessions, the by now famous “Innotribe Labs”. As these sessions and the associated assignments for the conference participants need to be perfectly aligned with the messages of our keynotes and projects we want to present, this took some time (understatement).


Today was also the day that our first speakers popped-in into the Innotribe Space. I had the impression that most of them wow-ed with what we had set up, but of course I am biased, so I let you experience and judge yourself the coming 4 days.

This was also the day when we were joined by the students from the Social Data Lab of Andreas Weigend at Stanford University. They became part of the crew, and helped us preparing the activities we planned for our virtual conference currency, the “Reputone”. 

Sibos TV

Sibos TV is a full-blown TV Studio infrastructure for the overall Sibos conference. Sibos TV is just in front of the Innotribe Space: they could not have chosen a better spot 😉 It goes without saying that we reserved some broadcast slots throughout the week. You can expect us live today Monday 19 Sep 2011 at 9am (yep, today), with Martine and Hugh MacLeod. And on Thursday around 12:30pm with Kosta and some special appearance. Of course all this needs a dry-run as well. Martine under the studio spotlights. Hollywood is not far away now.


As we have daily briefs, we also have daily de-briefs at the end of the day. It’s really cosy and super informal.

It’s fun, full of inside jokes. We pump each other up. We give each other taps on the shoulder It’s also sort of a Tribe feeling to be part of this team. It’s great to feel the Power of the Tribe

Dry-Run Opening

Hey what a coincidence! “The Power of the Tribe” is also the title of our big Innotribe Opening session of today Monday 19 Sep 2011 at 9:30am in Conference Room #1. You can’t miss it.

I can’t say too much about this session, as we want to keep the surprise. But we have designed it as a very a-typical Sibos session, with music, performance, great speakers, lots of interaction, and two very interesting worldwide announcements.

The dry-run for this session started at 5:30pm and it went – what would I say? – “quite” ok. But as we have experienced so many times in the past, the thing only starts living once you are in the real physical environment of the room, with the speakers all there “in flesh”, and with the full technical crew there.

So, guess what? We decided on the spot to re-engineer the session, to get a much better interaction between the speakers, the audience and our 3 “challenger” groups: Chris Skinner, the Stanford students, and the Corporate Rebels from Alcatel Lucent.

I guess it must have been quite late for the speakers last night as well, as they had to re-shuffle their decks, video’s etc overnight.

We all meet again this morning at Sibos at 07:30am for a second complete new dry-run. We are sure this opening will get you thinking and inspired, and launch you all into a fantastic Innotribe roller-coaster for the rest of the week.

We are so happy to take responsibility for what we love, and looking forward to share it with your and be at your service.

Join the innovation Tribe ! Join Innotribe !

Peter (@petervan) from the Innotribe Team.

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