From the Innotribe Space: Sat 17 Sep 2011

18 Sep

This blog post is the first in a daily series of reporting from the Innotribe Space in Toronto. A daily brief and some personal reflections by your blogger of service.

Today was quite some day. All about preparing for the Innotribe show/performance that will start next week Monday 19 September 2011.

This morning we started quite early. All there by 8am !

The Innotribe Space

Our space is gorgeous. It is a 25 x 15m standard conference room that has been transformed in a multi-functional area. All the technical stuff is kept along the walls, so that we can use the space to it’s full capacity. Not capacity in sense of number of participants we can get in, but capacity in the sense how we can most optimally create an environment for  immersive learning, deep conversations, participation, and… fun !

We have 2 fantastic 103″ plasma screens, and 3 additional smaller ones that we can hoover over the place as needed.

And we have a great technical infrastructure to deal with all the visuals, audio, video, light effects, etc, etc. All this equipment is operated by a fantastic crew from Jack Morton Worldwide. These guys are super professional !

The room will look different for each of the 12 sessions we’ll run throughout the week. Sometimes in arena format, sometimes in World Café format, etc… but NEVER in a traditional conference theatre style format.

And to relax, we have beanbags “FatBoys”, big and small format 😉

The other rooms

We also went to check-out the 2 other rooms where Innotribe activities are planned. Conference Room 1 is sometimes referred to as “the boxring”, because the stage is in the middle and the audience sits around like in a stadion. Again, plenty of audio/visual support there. That room will be used for the Innotribe Opening session on Monday morning at 9:30am. Not to be missed, and some very special worldwide annoucements to be expected !

Conference Room 3 will be used for the Future of Money session on Thursday at 9am. It looks a bit like a lounge area. And also here we have also a quite spectacular world announcement upcoming.

The debrief

Mela is the boss this week. Every morning we have a brief of all the tasks to be done. With several intermediary checkpoints throughout the day. My tasks included today finding the appropriate jingles for session transitions, helping move chairs, preparing the assignments for the interactive workshop bit of the New Economies session. And like in school, we get good points when we deliver our stuff in time: we are so easy to motivate 😉

Dry run all sessions

The majority of my time was spent on a deep minute by minute rehearsal with the technical and video crews of all the keynote sessions we have this week. Tomorrow, Mela will do the same for all the deep-dives. We look for example at slide decks, speaker announcements, audio and video effects, room format checking, who comes up when, who needs a lapel microphone, where will we put the handheld microphones for our professional challengers, etc, etc

Music selection

I spent some time today on selecting music for the “stings”: these are short soundbits that are played when a speaker comes up. And we wanted of course different stings for every session. Yep, we do it to ourselves 😉 Some of the other music are labeled “movers”: these soundbits are used when we ask the audience to move from one side of the room to the other. Just to make you curious, here are some song titles: breakfast in vegas, Mr. Scruff, Open Sesame, Humanoid,…

The design crew

I was most impressed by the design crew: those are the (SWIFT) people who think deeply on the props and assignments for the interactive sessions, and are also responsible for the execution.  Man, this is a lot of prep work ! Some models have to carved in foamboard, magnetic tiles will hold the assignments, sessions will be live scribed, 3D models are being build,… and all this of course in line with the great content we are going to bring this week.

There are still many many things to be done tonight and tomorrow. But we are ready. Ready to give you a performance and experience like you have never seen before at Sibos. Yes, we set high expectations. We think it will be worth it every minute.

Come and joing us at Sibos in the Innotribe Space ! You well never again say “workshop” to an Innotribe Lab! And follow us on Twitter via the hashtag #innotribe

Peter (@petervan) from the Innotribe Team

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