Innotribe at Sibos: Discovering the new Physics of Big Data

9 Sep

Hugh MacLeod Innotribe Ignite Man


Earlier this week, Kosta Peric and Mariela Atanassova kick-started our blogging campaign for the last 2 remaining weeks before we all head for Innotribe in Toronto.

Today, I also posted a blog on our Innotribe theme “Digital Identity”.

Here is a deep dive on our Innotribe theme “Discovering the new Physics of Big Data”.


lots of people swimming


Our general blurb on says

“The quantity of data available to our businesses is sky-rocketing. Data volumes continue to explode, doubling every 14 months. So what tools are out there to enable us to use the patterns that can be identified in huge data sets such as Twitter, blogs, and other forms of social media to make correlations and even predict trends? Also get the lowdown on the SWIFT Index – a research project into how SWIFT traffic data can correlate with economic indicators such as GDP. And find out the latest on SWIFT’s Business Intelligence tools and how they can help you turn data into decisions.”

> but what does that mean ? 🙂

Compared to Digital Identity – where we had 2 separate slots, here we will have one big session on Tuesday from 2pm – 5:30pm in the Innotribe Space.

As in all other Innotribe Sessions this year, we have “planted” three groups of people in the audience to provoke and challenge the speakers and the audience:

  • We have six students from the Social Data Lab of Stanford University, injecting the Gen-Y energy
  • We have five really cool folks from Laura Merling’s team. Laura is heading “a start-up within an enterprise”, and her team will sprinkle our sessions with start-up agility, energy and coolness
  • And we have Chris Skinner for Financial Services Club, famous blogger and provocateur.

For Big Data our “conductor” will be Jeff Jonas, Chief Scientist IBM Analytics Group – IBM Research Labs, Los Angeles.


Jeff Jonas


I am very proud of having Jeff Jonas with us. He is considered as one of if not THE biggest thinker about Big Data worldwide. Besides being our conductor, he has prepared a mind-blowing pitch towards the end of this session (nobody really wants to come after Jeff ;-).

Sean Park from Anthemis Group will be his partner in crime for this session. Almost a yin/yang couple, they will keep each other honest and on-track so that everything remains very relevant to financial services.


The fil rouge in this session is

that deep analysis of big data

leads to

predictive pattern recognition


Those patterns on their term can be predictors of all sorts of indicators. In the case of the SWIFT Index, the SWIFT traffic data analysis can give predictive indicators of GDP of countries. Francis Martin from SWIFT will be our man during this session at Innotribe. (Please also note there is a dedicated SWIFT Index presentation on Tuesday morning 10:00am – 10:45am in the SWIFT auditorium).

We will start from the following assumptions:

  • Banks are vast repositories of Big data.
  • This data is underused, unconnected, un-contextualized.
  • Applying the new physics of big data can solve many data intensive decision problems in the financial industry

Let’s have a look at our other igniters:

  • Michael Chui, Senior Fellow – McKinsey&Company, was one of the co-authors of the May 2011 McKinsey report on big data. Michael will bring a high level overview of what big data is and zoom into specifics for financial services
  • Sean Park, Founder – Anthemis Group, will do a short talk on “Big Data, imagine that…”, primarily but not exclusively on relevance in financial services, and emphasize that all this is “do-able” today

After Sean, we’ll have several top representatives of some of the bigger vendors in this space.

  • Larry Ryan, Chief Technologist Financial Service Industry – HP, will share his deep experience on this topic based on his numerous engagements with clients in the financial industry. Amir Halfon, Senior Director of Technology – Oracle will do same from Oracles point of view with a igniting talk on how to manage large amounts of structured and unstructured data. This is Amir’s third Innotribe at Sibos, so I am sure he will go the extra mile. And we are also very pleased to have David Campbell, Technical Fellow – Microsoft. For those who don’t know, “technical fellow” is a big thing at Microsoft, a sort of reputation and top-expertise title reserved for only 25 out of the 80,000+ employees of Microsoft world-wide.

We have two more igniters, with quite novel and exciting lenses:

  • Michael Ouliel, CEO – Ripple Homeland Security Group, will show some mind-blowing demos on what happens when you release big data power and analytics on video and audio. And Michael Driscoll, CTO – Metamarketsgroup, will focus on the velocity of date, the “movement” of data, the flow. I particularly like his lens of FAST data, BIG analytics and FOCUSED search.

From a format point of view we’ll experiment with “Sequential Conversations”, something we tried out successfully during SOFA in March 2011 in NYC.

Here is how it works: We’ll have invited some of the finest thought leaders in this big data space to give an inspirational igniter talk. The first speaker gives a specific lens on the topic. Right after our facilitation team under the leadership of Mariela will break up the audience in sub-teams and will give them an assignment to help them reflect and condense what they just heard. After that, we have the second speaker with a different lens on the topic. Again, back to the break-outs with a new assignment to digest and complement what was found in the first round. Iterate till all speakers/igniters have passed the revue.


This will be

an immersive learning experience


  • We have created an explorative learning environment, mixing stimulating talks about different aspects of big data and its application in the financial industry, with exercises enabling people to discover the main concepts around what Big data is and how it can be used for better decision making. Since the subject is highly technical, the goal is to create a step by step process by which people can discover themselves the concepts that make Big Data interesting and valuable.
  • We will stimulate thinking and reflection on where the participants could apply what they learned during the session in their job/company/industry.

And the deliverable will be some kind of puzzle.


Curious? Come and join us for this fantastic, engaging and fun Innotribe Session on Big Data.




Looking forward to meeting you all at Innotribe Sibos 2011 in Toronto !

Peter @petervan from The Innotribe Team

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