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9 Sep

Hugh MacLeod Innotribe Ignite Man


Earlier this week, Kosta Peric and Mariela Atanassova kick-started our Vlogging/Blogging campaign for the last 2 remaining weeks before we all head for Innotribe in Toronto. And yesterday, Matteo posted his vlog on the start-up competition.

Here is a deep dive on our Innotribe theme “Digital Identity”.

Our general blurb on says:

This interactive session will explore the edges of the digital identity eco-system, looking into personal data stores, trust frameworks, and multi-channel authentication techniques. We will also present the findings of the research phase of SWIFT’s Digital Identity Incubation project.

> but what does that mean ? 😉

We’ll have 2 sessions, both on Tuesday morning. The first session starting at 9am in the Innotribe Space is a set of “keynotes”, or inspirational igniter pitches. The second session is a deep dive into our Incubation Project about Digital Identity, starting at 12:30pm also in the Innotribe Space.

As in all other Innotribe Sessions this year, we have “planted” three groups of people in the audience to provoke and challenge the speakers and the audience:

  • We have six students from the Social Data Lab of Stanford University, injecting the Gen-Y energy
  • We have five really cool folks from Laura Merling’s team. Laura is heading “a start-up within an enterprise”, and her team will sprinkle our sessions with start-up agility, energy and coolness
  • And we have Chris Skinner for Financial Services Club, famous blogger and provocateur.

Inspirational keynotes/igniters

I recently was reading “Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity” by Peggy Holman (Amazon Associates link).



One of the sentences that deeply resonated with me was:


"Take responsibility

for what you love

as an act of service”


“Is an act of service” is one of the key design principles of this year’s Innotribe at Sibos. The Innotribe team is “at your service”. It is not about any of the Innotribe team shining;


it is about you

our audience

being part of the tribe


And being able to keep your own authentic identity as part of the tribe.

That’s also why most sessions are “conducted” by an outside expert, not a Swiftie.

For Digital Identity our “conductor” will be Tony Fish of AMF Ventures. I won’t go through his impressive bio, but one of the reasons that I invited Tony is because he is the author of “My Digital Footprint” – one of the first books that explained so well the difference between “identity” and “footprint”




That difference, that nuance is what we will bring to this session of Innotribe. Because the subject of “digital identity” is so vast, we made a selection, in essence centered around possible facets of (digital) identity, and how can we develop a deep understanding of user centric identity.

  • Michael Ouliel, CEO – Ripple Homeland Security Group and Kevin Sharp, SVP Sales EMEA – DAON Identity X will show how mobile identity has evolved. Highlights are Risk Context identity and “fusion” of multiple authentication methods from simple PIN code up to facial recognition. They will also show a KYC process completely online, without the customer ever having to present herself at the branch of her bank.
  • Then we switch gears with Doc Searls, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto and godfather of the VRM initiative (Vendor Relationship Management) with a fantastic talk about Abstraction, Token strategy and Infrastructure. Must see! Must hear!
  • Azeem Azhar, CEO – Peerindex, will go through the identity aspects of his famous reputation and influence engine. I suggest that before this session, you go and check your personal reputation and influence score at
  • And Drummond Reed from will for sure get into a lively debate with Azeem, as Azeem’s solution is based on algorithms and Drummond is a big believer of social vouching by human beings in a trusted framework. He will bring with him David Scott, Partner – K&L Gates LLP law firm – who is a world authority on Respect Trust Frameworks. These Silicon Valley guys have won the KuppingerCole 2011 European Identity Privacy Award, so fireworks guaranteed.
  • We will close this session with a presentation of our own SWIFT Digital Identity Incubation Project. This is about so much more than identity, it’s about digital assets. That’s why we have re-named the project into the “SWIFT Digital Asset Grid”. Two experts from that project team will present: Gary Thompson, Co-Founder and CEO – CLOUD.Inc and Mary Hodder, Chair – Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium. The full Identity “gang” that was part of this project will be present. You can consider them as the who’s who of modern digital identity thinking.


This session will be a super-duper deeply interactive session doing a deep dive in the “SWIFT Digital Asset Grid” project above.


Russia Ice Swimming


For this and all the other Innotribe sessions, we are so indebted to Mariela Atanassova from the SWIFT Innotribe team who has designed the interactive facilitation for these sessions. For Digital Identity, she teamed up with Scott Smith from


What they have come-up with

is really incredible and is pushing the limits

of what you can imagine

in terms of session format


This will be a truly immersive learning experience session. Together with the audience we will in fact build some sort of 3-dimensional physical installation, so that you get a good “feel” of the deep concepts built into the Digital Identity Grid:

– The client/user tools: Selector and Weaver

– The infrastructure play

– The unique opportunity for banks and other 3rd parties to build services on top of this infrastructure

Somebody described the “Digital Asset Grid” project as


“This innovation

will bring bank-grade

identity, privacy, and security

to the global exchange

of any digital asset

between any parties”


everybody genius









Yes, we truly believe we have a game-changer at our hands.


There is one more thing…

In case you have not noticed, there is a strong synergy between ALL our themes at Innotribe this year.

Although it was always simmering under hood when curating the program for this year, it now just hit me what is really is that links all our themes together, and suddenly I can “name” it.

I believe the encompassing theme is


“the redefinition of value”.


That’s why we will launch throughout the Innotribe event a virtual conference currency called the “Reputone”. I am sure that Mariela – as chief facilitation designer of this Innotribe event – will follow-up on this in a subsequent blog or vlog.



Looking forward to meeting you all at Innotribe Sibos 2011 in Toronto !




Peter @petervan from The Innotribe Team

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