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Innotribe@Sibos 2011 – quick first report

25 Sep

Incredible week at Innotribe@Sibos.

Ideas emerged for new services (among others, the SWIFT digital asset grid – see here for a good overview), we connected with an incredible number of incredible people, we ran many excellent and packed sessions, we were the platform for several major worldwide announcements (not the least being @brettking’s launch of Movenbank and @afbenjamin’s – global CTO Citi GTS- announcements of a public API to Citi’s payments systems), we ran our first startup competition.

There’ s a staggering amount of things to report on – we’ll get to work when the team regroups after some well deserved time-offs, holidays and chill-outs 🙂

For now, have a look at this selection of early resources:

1. Search “#innotribe” on Twitter to look at the river of 5,000+ tweets generated at the event …. staggering….

2. Blog reports recap from @chris_skinner, the guy who blogs faster than his shadow 😉 – link

3. Innotribe@Sibos opening “voice of the tribe” (#emotion)- link

4. our first tribal summary video by Muche @muchedewin (feels good!)- link

5. @Heathervescent’s “Fly me to the Moon” video (world premiere at Innotribe@SIBOS!)- link

6. @Venessamiemis’ “Future of Facebook video” (from the Future of Money session) – link




22 Sep

Ring! Ring!

That must be the alarm. Gosh! I really shouldn’t have had that glass of wine last night. I don’t feel like getting out of bed at all. Keep that in mind folks  – Ontario dry Rieslings are fantastic but you may have problem getting up. But nothing that a cup of strong English Tea can’t fix. Out of bed and into the tram in 30 minutes.

«New Economy»

The Innotribe space looks like a little ladies luncheon today. Little tables with fresh flower vases on them on plaid tablecloths. This is going to be interesting. The first speaker, Greg Rader is really young! UCLA ’05 makes him just 2 years older than I am. Maybe, I should get a blog. He makes really interesting observations about how the traditionally separated transaction, political, attention and relationship economies are now interacting and exchanging. Those of us who try to seek work-life balance need to aim higher: Work-Life Integration. That is a buzzword that actually resonates with me. For a while, I have been trying to convince people that cats can have nine lives but we can have only one. With image recognition, it is very easy for someone with the intent to correlate the two to do so.

Jerry Michalski claims that every Zipcar replaces 15 car-sales! I am trying to remember why I have a car and a Zipcar membership.

Dan Robles said that anything with a definable quantity and quality is an asset – and all of these assets are tradable. But there are intangibles without which a business just can’t be run. Those are also, unfortunately, untradeable.

Prof. Searls (who, by the way, has the coolest moonwalk I have seen performed by a person of his generation) talked about how the language of customer interactions with businesses – customer capture, customer retention etc. sounds like businesses are still treating their customers like pets, slaves and livestock.

Hugh MacLeod’s cartoons are cracking me up. He has been cartooning throughout the Innotribe sessions. Now, only if the Innotribe crew smiled a little… Actually, they do a pretty stressful job. Maybe, that is asking too much.

Tidbits of Knowledge from Day 3

22 Sep

Some interesting perspectives from Innotribe Day 3 that caught the ears of a Stanford student:

  • “Wealth is what you have if you lose all your money.”

  • The 21st century marketing myth: “We have to capture the customer.” Rather, we need to empower the customer to make his/her own decisions.

  • “Money/chips are a claims on hedonic wealth.”

    • But isn’t hedonic wealth (capital stock) needed first to attend to basic needs? Then  I think people are free to pursue that self-actualization that leads to true eudomonic wealth. The counterpoint was that we need a financial/currency system to optimize for maximizing this eudomonic wealth, since most people are not able to self-motivate.

  • The “cult of the CEO” structure makes true collaboration and information sharing impossible. Information explosion, the phenomenon of a tweeter going from 50 to 900,000+ followers from posting an interesting picture, is impossible in a pyramidal organizational structure.

  • Companies need to focus on their “4-minute mile,” or that big initiative that looks impossible from the outset but will rapidly evolve after making the initial big investment required.

    • However, we think that telling people they need to playful, embrace change, tolerate failure, be collaborative etc. etc. is not enough. It needs to be proven and made real.

  • Bank non-performing loan rate: 4.2%. Microfinance non-performing loan rate: 2.9%. A traditional risk interpretation would probably predict an opposite result. Enough said.

  • In addition to the lender trusting a microfinance entrepreneur, trust also needs to be established in the other direction.

    Overall, this day was a blast! PS – the Innotribe organizers need to smile more (with the exception of Kosta and Matteo, they always look like they are having a good time).

The Innotribe Playlist

21 Sep

As an ex-DJ, i had quite some fun in selecting the music for the stings (speaker walk-ins) and movers (in between interactive sessions). Our audience at Sibos liked it so much that they asked to publish the list. Here it is:

  • Praga Khan – Breakfast in Vegas
  • Goose – Words
  • The Black Box Revelation – Do i know you ?
  • Buscemi – Seaside
  • D-Shake – Yaaaaaah
  • Deee-Lite – Pussycat Meow
  • Moby – Find my Baby
  • Timbuk3 – The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
  • Mr. Scruff – Kalimba
  • Stone – Time
  • Leila K – Open Sesame
  • Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid
  • Bananarama – Venus
  • Jamiroquai – Use the Force
  • Touch of Joy – Enjoy
  • Daft Punk – The Grid (TRON)
  • Placebo – For what it’s word
  • Metallica – Enter Sandman

Let the power of the tribe be with you !



From the Innotribe Space: Tues 20 Sep 2011

21 Sep

Oh what a day !

I believe that today we collectively as a team set a new standard for conference events. We have received so many compliments about the content and the interactive format of today, that we start blushing 😉 Heartwarming as well. Thank you to all those out there for the encouragements.

Digital Identity

First half of the day was spent on digital identity, but not in the sense that we usually talk about it at SWIFT. This went way beyond PKI.

I have described this session already pretty detailed in my announcement post here:

All the speakers delivered as expected, but i would like to single-out Doc Searls, with a talk so good, that it made me emotional. And the interactive session was mindblowing with special structures created to represent the infrastructure, a weaver that was made out of 10 mushroom chairs, and a brainstorm about a next-generation browser, not to browse pages, but to browse data. You must start wondering what we have smoked 😉

I also would like to say a couple of words on the Digital Asset Grid project, that was also the subject of the deep-dive later that day.

  • We are moving from money bank to digital (assett) bank
  • It’s an infrastructure play for SWIFT to offer a certified pointer system pointing at the location of digital assets and the associated usage  rights
  • It’s imperative for SWIFT to expose its core competence via API’s
  • This is a huge opportunity for SWIFT to be a key infrastructure player in offering an end to end hardened infrastructure and end-point to enable the seamless exchange of any sort of digital assett between any number of entities
  • This is also a huge opportunity for financial institutions to plug-in to this infrastructure for offering a new set of services in the data leverage space in un-regulated data market places

We got quite some interest, but is it clear that we’ll have to do quite some internal selling and convincing to make all the benefits of such solution clear. Somebody very senior from a bank suggested that the best thing to do now is probably to build a prototype to make this game-changer more tangible and understandable.

Big Data

I believe we surprised a lot of folks with the line-up and enormous brianpower that we brought to the table here. Also here i have covered a lot of content in my previous post:

It is probably not-seen at any conference to run one big session of 3 hours like this. It was a great combination of stellar talks about:

  • Data in context
  • Data finds data
  • Examples of big data in action

For each topic we had 2-3 ignitor speeched followed by deep dive exploration labs applying the principles of immersive learning.

  • in one of them the participants had to make a puzzle
  • in another they had their own computer to do simulate the concept of the SWIFT Index

All speakers surpassed our wildest expectations. Sean Park opened in a phenomenal way, Michael Chui was rock-solid. Larry, Dave and Amir succeeded in very entertaining sessions without falling in the trap of product pitching or commercials, and they made their content very relevant to the financial industry. Michael Driscoll surprised us all with the enormous sheer volume of data they analyse every day, outbeating a lot of big financial institions with probably more traditional technology. and Michael Ouliel blew everybody away when showing how intelligence services dealt with data in real-time, and applying those technologies on voice, video and other media.

But the absolute star of this session was Jeff Jonas, who had co-designed this session with Mela. The best way to describe Jonas is: ROCK + HEALTH + GAMES = GOD. Jeff is the god of Big Data.

We ran way over time, and even after 3 1/2 hours session, the audience was still hungry for more. Awesome !


We had again a staggering day of twitter activity. Today myself i had a lit bit less time to tweet, as i was content owner for all sessions today. But the audience really compensated for this: thanks to all you peeps out there. Somebody called me “tweetmaster”: i liked that very much, and it encourages me to continue on this path.

And Chris Skinner once more proved that he is the fasted blogger of all times. Minutes after the session, he had already this post out:

Tomorrow is a completely different day. It’s our non-technology-topics day with New Economies, Corporate Culture, Banks for a Better World. And last but not least, we will have our Start-up competion grand finale.

Peter (@petervan) from the Innotribe Team

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Once upon a time in Toronto…

20 Sep

With Starbucks in my hand and today’s Globe and Mail under my arm, I entered the swarm of early-rising bankers waiting outside the Metro Toronto Convention centre for SIBOS 2011 dressed up in their business formals. Living in Silicon Valley, there aren’t a lot of times one gets to see sights like this. Metal detectors! Really?

First Order of Business: The Innotribe opening event «The power of the Tribe».

OK! First things first – Innotribe has some really cool music compilers and they definitely know a thing or two about showmanship from mood lighting in an amphitheatre style session to the ethnic drummer that actually was super effective in getting people’s attention away from their BlackBerries to the presentation.

For a CEO, Lázaro Campos is a very friendly person. (He winks!) He clearly sees Innotribe as the future of SWIFT. He described them as the strongest brand SWIFT has created in the last 30 years

The first speaker I got introduced to was the lady with purple highlights in her hair. This was definitely someone with a familiar California attitude and a warm smile compared to the square looks on everyone else’s faces. She is Heather Schlegel, CEO of PurpleTornado (that explains the purple highlights in the hair!). She had this really cool video about four people splitting a restaurant bill in the future. They tipped in Space Flight credits! However, the coolest thing about the video is that all the enabling technology already exists. Now, it is up to businesses to actually provide the service.

You guys… You have to go to the library and borrow a copy of Bank 2.0. Seeing Brett King in the flesh and hear his (very Australian accented) views about the changing business of banking as he sparred Dan Robles was delightful. I am surely (and sorely) waiting for movenbank to be available back in the US and start building up my CRED: Brett’s measure of financial credibility sounds like it is going to knock Credit Scores hollow.

«Social Data and Collaboration»

I am a member of the Social Data Lab at Stanford University. Ergo, I went into this session pretty gunned about people’s attitudes to social data. Coming from Silicon Valley, where you can’t find a single piece of advertising without a web address, QR code or a plea to take a facebook, twitter or foursquare action, I should have guessed that the rest of the world  sees things very differently. I still need to see social media activity about Google Wallet in Toronto considering bankers from all over the world are here. 😦

Dan Marovitz of Buzzumi reminded us that currency is nothing without a strong  collective faith in it. Over the years, a lot of  objects have been used as currency. He told a fishy story about how salted mackerel replaced cigarettes as the informal currency of the US prison system. We are living in a day and age when we increasingly believe in the value of data. Maybe, we will turn that into currency at some point. I can’t wait for the Future of Money session.

But everyone seems to still think of social data as the content it represents. I agree it is valuable but as someone who has done a bit of social data analytics, I know that it is very messy. A lot of resources will go into cleaning any social data before it is useful as content. However, the clearer signals that social data makes available like relationships and location seem more promising to me. Let’s wait and see how banks decide to use social data. But Chase and ING to me seem far far ahead than in terms of making
applications  based on relationships they can import off social media.

Deep Dives are a super cool learning paradigm. After the keynote, everybody does a group exercise that provides them with an opportunity to learn from each other! I now feel that conferences waste an immense amount of expertise that is present in any room where they hold lecture-like sessions. They practically rob the participants of the experience of learning from each other by solving a problem together. Humans have been improving communication technology for thousands of years. We really need to understand that relationships are not based on communication, they are based on shared experiences. So, solving a problem together is also a sterling networking opportunity. I see it as social learning!

I guess we will learn and teach a few things about being cool as well as being modern bankers this week thanks to Innotribe. 😉

A Stanford student’s first day at SIBOS

20 Sep

The first day of SIBOS was built on uncertainty and setting expectations. It was clear from the very beginning when a drummer wearing Native American garb opened the session by playing the log drum that the sessions would not be the typical kind. The speakers themselves felt like they were still feeling this new form out, trying to get comfortable with it.

In the afternoon session, people formed teams, participated in small groups, and started to really get a sense for how to run with the free-form, tribal format of the Innotribe sections. We had very energetic discussions and each group member amplified the thoughts of his/her fellow participants. There were lulls brought about by the unstructured setting, but the discomfort brought about opportunities for proactive action, because someone needed to step in and suggest something to get the session moving. Like when we were told to break into teams and discuss 3 principles for social data. In my group, people simply sat around and stared at each other or shook hands and conversed locally for 1-2 minutes, but then people quickly pushed ideas to move the group forward, suggesting that we introduce ourselves, asking questions, structuring our time. One person stood up and never sat back down –he ended up diagramming our entire discussion. Another person made sure our discussion tied back to the questions and guidelines we were given. Out of free form came a structure mutually created from our newly formed tribe.

It wasn’t easy to talk sometimes, and it was unclear who knew what about what. There were more different kinds of players than I was expecting, our group of 10 had maybe 2 people who actually worked in banks, while the rest worked in various connected services. So though we had a productive and interesting discussion, it was difficult to nail down one area to go into depth in, because we had more breadth than depth in our general backgrounds, and no set topic to unify our discussion.

I’m looking forward to getting to speak to some individuals in more detail. There are many fascinating figures and ideas in the sessions. The deep dive demonstrated the power of collective energy and possible opportunities in unstructured settings for those willing to be proactive. I hope the next four days will harness our individual strengths and drive them towards a more specific, unified purpose.

From the Innotribe Space: Mon 19 Sep 2011

20 Sep

What a day ! So full of energy, emotion and inspiration. Don’t know where to start.

Why not start withe the Innotribe Opening session ?

Opening Session:

As mentioned yesterday, we significantly re-engineered this opening session, based on our experience during the dry-run on Sunday evening.

While the audience was walking-in, we has some nice “spacy” music, with female electronic vocals which gave some sort of mystic ambiance, holding the participants in a deep tension for what was going to come.

Then the lights went down, and from the dark a drummer started playing a tribe-rythm. Slowly African music was faded in, and the Innotribe team – hidden in dark 4 corners of the room – started proclaiming the words of our Power of the Tribe manifesto. A strong emotional start of the session.

Kosta came on, and briefly introduced Lazaro, who gave a 5 min speech about innovation. We were completely taken by surprise when he said “Innotribe is the strongest brand that SWIFT launched in the last 30 years”. Wow! This sentence still shivers down my spine. He repeated same during the Welcome Plenary, and even added: “Innotribe is our secret weapon”. I’d wish that next year we let go the secrecy, and go fully visible mainstream. We can be proud: and there is no reason for false modesty. Let the communication and delivery machine roar at 150% next year !

The next section was scripted as a theatre play. James Gardner, managing director of Spigit was our narrator. This section was a wonderful back and forward conversation between James and our other 3 keynote speakers: Dan Robles from Social Flights, Brett King – this time introduced as Author and Founder of Movenbank, and Heather Schlegel, CEO of Purple Tornado. For those who don’t know, Heather recently joined the Innotribe Team.

There were great interactions with Chris Skinner, the Stanford Students and the Corporate Rebels from Alcatel Lucent.

In this section we could enjoy two worldwide announcements:

  • Brett announced exclusively the launch of his 100% online bank Movenbank, and the opening of the alpha site on 1 Oct 2011 and the use of the CRED – a sort of virtual credibility currency to facilitate on-boarding and lending for candidate customers with strong social media influence or credibility. This is big stuff.
  • Dan announced a worldwide partnership with Expedia

The session was wrapped up with a gorgeous video production by Mela about what to expect for the rest of the week at Sibos.

When people walked out of the room, the Innotribe Team held Innotribe flags, escorting the guests up to the Innotribe Space where most of this week’s sessions will be held.

The session was well covered in the press, and Chris Skinner did a blog post about it 10 min after the end of it.

The announcement was also immediately covered by Finextra within the hour:

Social Data and Collaboration – Keynotes

From 12:30 – 14:00 we had the social data session, annimated by our master MC Matteo Rizzi. All talks were excellent and delivered by professional speakers.

What really worked very well was the technique of instigators, sound-boarders, and professional challengers. Chris Skinner and the Stanford Students did not spare the speakers, and almost naturally session participants jumped in with additional questions and observations. In my opinion, a new standard set for audience participation.

Social Data and Collaboration – Deep Dive

The social data lab was very well attended, close to 100 people or so. The group was first split over 3 workshops: reputation and influence, compliance and regulation, and data (for recruitment as an example). They first got inspired by 3×3 matter experts/igniters. In the following part, teams were re-mixed into 6 subteams and received working assignments. A great technique to mix and match the audience, and to create serendipity in the group. At the end the teams had to present their outcome to the group at large.

Also Social Data was well covered by Chris Skinner in his subsequent blog:

I agree with Chris when he asked for the relevance of all this for bankers, the “normal” audience for Sibos. It is clearly a point of attention for next sessions at Innotribe. However, off-the-record, one notable speaker told me in confidence that the bankers just don’t get it, and risk to be hopelessly be by-passed by the events. A sign of the times is the fact that today Google formally launched Google Wallet and that no single banker tweeted about this or mentioned it in the conversations.

Hugh MacLeod (twitter @gapingvoid) – who is our celebrity artist from Miami – summarized it quite well: the bankers are in search for a language, a lexicon to express themselved about social media and data.


All participants in Innotribe sessions received 5 Reputones, our virtual conference currency. People can express their gratitude and appreciation for somebody else by giving reputones for the quality of networking, opinion, and knowledge. I got several for knowledge and networking and i found receiving very gratifying and motivating. Also giving appreciation is an intrinsic motivator. It’s a deeply human feeling and warm emotion. It really creates a special bond with the person you give to. Maybe we should discuss this wednesday during our session on New Economies, where we will also talk about the Gift Economy.

You can find out more about the #reputone via or via or via

Twitter stream

We had a HUGE response on twitter. At the certain moment the twitter current was so strong that i just could not follow in retweeting. Also the social analytics tool showed an overwhelming presence of Innotribe tweets in the Sibos twitter community. I was told that #innotribe even started trending in cyberspace.

I was particularly charmed by the tweets coming from the Opening Plenary with Peter Sondergaard from Gardner Research, which was apparently so-and-so: one tweeter was publicly showing his/her frustration by saying how he/she was longing for the #innotribe space and atmosphere.

A special place called “home”

Our space is really special. It is so welcoming, that folks like to hang around, make some introductions, relax in the beanbags, grab a bite and a drink. It’s welcoming like a home. That’s exactly how we intended it. Happy to see that it works

Again a special word of thanks to our design and facilitation crew. And to the folks of Jack Morton who delivered today a flawless performance. Yes, also in innovation FNAO is part of our events execution culture

Tomorrow is a very rich day again, with sessions and deep dives on Digital Identity and on Big Data. Like for all Innotribe sessions, we have built in some unique ingredients and performance elements. It’s really hard for me not to reveal the secrets of these sessions, but i really can’t. I signed an NDA with the rest of the Innotribe Team 😉

Looking forward to another exciting Innotribe day!

Peter (@petervan) from the Innotribe Team.

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From the Innotribe Space: Sun 18 Sep 2011

19 Sep

It is almost 5am on Monday morning now, and I still need to do my daily blog from Innotribe Space. It’s because it was a long day yesterday and it was about 11pm last night when we called it a day 😉 So, I decided to get a good (short) sleep first, and do this with a fresh mind in the silence of the Toronto morning.

Start of the day

The day started yesterday with the daily brief at 7:30am. All activities and to-do’s of the day are kept on a big central whiteboard, tasks are distributed amongst the crew, and status is updated as tasks get completed. And we have 3-4 check-points with the full team throughout the day. It’s super efficient and all crew members are committed like pigs in an (breakfast) omelette.

Room set-up

One of the first big tasks on the list was to go through the room set-up per session. As we make our lives easy (sic), we decided upfront that the room set-up should be different for every session. As everything is video taped, we had to physically set-up every environment so that the video crew can test the lightning and camera focus for specific things that will happen during the sessions.

We also did a dry-run of all the “stings”, walk-ins, and walk-outs: these are music jingles. As mentioned yesterday, different for every session. Quite an undertaking, but the folks from Jack Morton have the right professionals and equipment to program all this. Louise, Alex and team: a BIG thank you: you guys are so good!

Dry-Run Deep Dives

After/during that we looked in detail at the different designs of the interactive deep dive sessions, the by now famous “Innotribe Labs”. As these sessions and the associated assignments for the conference participants need to be perfectly aligned with the messages of our keynotes and projects we want to present, this took some time (understatement).


Today was also the day that our first speakers popped-in into the Innotribe Space. I had the impression that most of them wow-ed with what we had set up, but of course I am biased, so I let you experience and judge yourself the coming 4 days.

This was also the day when we were joined by the students from the Social Data Lab of Andreas Weigend at Stanford University. They became part of the crew, and helped us preparing the activities we planned for our virtual conference currency, the “Reputone”. 

Sibos TV

Sibos TV is a full-blown TV Studio infrastructure for the overall Sibos conference. Sibos TV is just in front of the Innotribe Space: they could not have chosen a better spot 😉 It goes without saying that we reserved some broadcast slots throughout the week. You can expect us live today Monday 19 Sep 2011 at 9am (yep, today), with Martine and Hugh MacLeod. And on Thursday around 12:30pm with Kosta and some special appearance. Of course all this needs a dry-run as well. Martine under the studio spotlights. Hollywood is not far away now.


As we have daily briefs, we also have daily de-briefs at the end of the day. It’s really cosy and super informal.

It’s fun, full of inside jokes. We pump each other up. We give each other taps on the shoulder It’s also sort of a Tribe feeling to be part of this team. It’s great to feel the Power of the Tribe

Dry-Run Opening

Hey what a coincidence! “The Power of the Tribe” is also the title of our big Innotribe Opening session of today Monday 19 Sep 2011 at 9:30am in Conference Room #1. You can’t miss it.

I can’t say too much about this session, as we want to keep the surprise. But we have designed it as a very a-typical Sibos session, with music, performance, great speakers, lots of interaction, and two very interesting worldwide announcements.

The dry-run for this session started at 5:30pm and it went – what would I say? – “quite” ok. But as we have experienced so many times in the past, the thing only starts living once you are in the real physical environment of the room, with the speakers all there “in flesh”, and with the full technical crew there.

So, guess what? We decided on the spot to re-engineer the session, to get a much better interaction between the speakers, the audience and our 3 “challenger” groups: Chris Skinner, the Stanford students, and the Corporate Rebels from Alcatel Lucent.

I guess it must have been quite late for the speakers last night as well, as they had to re-shuffle their decks, video’s etc overnight.

We all meet again this morning at Sibos at 07:30am for a second complete new dry-run. We are sure this opening will get you thinking and inspired, and launch you all into a fantastic Innotribe roller-coaster for the rest of the week.

We are so happy to take responsibility for what we love, and looking forward to share it with your and be at your service.

Join the innovation Tribe ! Join Innotribe !

Peter (@petervan) from the Innotribe Team.

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From the Innotribe Space: Sat 17 Sep 2011

18 Sep

This blog post is the first in a daily series of reporting from the Innotribe Space in Toronto. A daily brief and some personal reflections by your blogger of service.

Today was quite some day. All about preparing for the Innotribe show/performance that will start next week Monday 19 September 2011.

This morning we started quite early. All there by 8am !

The Innotribe Space

Our space is gorgeous. It is a 25 x 15m standard conference room that has been transformed in a multi-functional area. All the technical stuff is kept along the walls, so that we can use the space to it’s full capacity. Not capacity in sense of number of participants we can get in, but capacity in the sense how we can most optimally create an environment for  immersive learning, deep conversations, participation, and… fun !

We have 2 fantastic 103″ plasma screens, and 3 additional smaller ones that we can hoover over the place as needed.

And we have a great technical infrastructure to deal with all the visuals, audio, video, light effects, etc, etc. All this equipment is operated by a fantastic crew from Jack Morton Worldwide. These guys are super professional !

The room will look different for each of the 12 sessions we’ll run throughout the week. Sometimes in arena format, sometimes in World Café format, etc… but NEVER in a traditional conference theatre style format.

And to relax, we have beanbags “FatBoys”, big and small format 😉

The other rooms

We also went to check-out the 2 other rooms where Innotribe activities are planned. Conference Room 1 is sometimes referred to as “the boxring”, because the stage is in the middle and the audience sits around like in a stadion. Again, plenty of audio/visual support there. That room will be used for the Innotribe Opening session on Monday morning at 9:30am. Not to be missed, and some very special worldwide annoucements to be expected !

Conference Room 3 will be used for the Future of Money session on Thursday at 9am. It looks a bit like a lounge area. And also here we have also a quite spectacular world announcement upcoming.

The debrief

Mela is the boss this week. Every morning we have a brief of all the tasks to be done. With several intermediary checkpoints throughout the day. My tasks included today finding the appropriate jingles for session transitions, helping move chairs, preparing the assignments for the interactive workshop bit of the New Economies session. And like in school, we get good points when we deliver our stuff in time: we are so easy to motivate 😉

Dry run all sessions

The majority of my time was spent on a deep minute by minute rehearsal with the technical and video crews of all the keynote sessions we have this week. Tomorrow, Mela will do the same for all the deep-dives. We look for example at slide decks, speaker announcements, audio and video effects, room format checking, who comes up when, who needs a lapel microphone, where will we put the handheld microphones for our professional challengers, etc, etc

Music selection

I spent some time today on selecting music for the “stings”: these are short soundbits that are played when a speaker comes up. And we wanted of course different stings for every session. Yep, we do it to ourselves 😉 Some of the other music are labeled “movers”: these soundbits are used when we ask the audience to move from one side of the room to the other. Just to make you curious, here are some song titles: breakfast in vegas, Mr. Scruff, Open Sesame, Humanoid,…

The design crew

I was most impressed by the design crew: those are the (SWIFT) people who think deeply on the props and assignments for the interactive sessions, and are also responsible for the execution.  Man, this is a lot of prep work ! Some models have to carved in foamboard, magnetic tiles will hold the assignments, sessions will be live scribed, 3D models are being build,… and all this of course in line with the great content we are going to bring this week.

There are still many many things to be done tonight and tomorrow. But we are ready. Ready to give you a performance and experience like you have never seen before at Sibos. Yes, we set high expectations. We think it will be worth it every minute.

Come and joing us at Sibos in the Innotribe Space ! You well never again say “workshop” to an Innotribe Lab! And follow us on Twitter via the hashtag #innotribe

Peter (@petervan) from the Innotribe Team

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